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Aerial Silks at Skye High Gymanstics: Taking your Workout to Great Heights

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Have you ever considered running away and joining the circus?

Years ago, this very thought crossed Aerial Silks Instructor Whitney Ellis’ mind.

Aerial Silks are new to Northern Michigan and can be found at Skye High Gymnastics in Rosscommon.

This new addition is taking people’s workout several feet in the air, testing their strength and endurance. 

Whitney Ellis says, “You are using your entire body to work against gravity and basically once you learn to get in the foot locks you can get into more difficult positions and just have an awesome time!”

Owner of Skye High Gymnastics, Crystal Richter, wanted to offer something to Northern Michigan that was just a little out of the ordinary for all ages to give a try.

“We just recently started the program for kids and adults to do, so we have a couple clinics going on or get some interest, and in the summer we’ll have a regular program every Saturday morning,” Richter says.

If you’re interested in joining one of the clinics or classes, 

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