NMC Extended Education: Upcoming Wellness Classes

Does the weather have you feeling a little stir-crazy?

If you need to get out of the house and burn off a little extra energy, NMC has you covered with its extended education classes. 

Take a look of some of NMC’s upcoming wellness classes!

Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion, taught by Marcia Talicska, fuses yoga and balance training with traditional mat Pilates.

In this class, you’ll work your entire body without heavy weights, high impact jumping or extreme movements that can irritate your joints.

Pilates is known for promoting intense core strengthening while yoga sculpts and stretches your body and mind.

Make sure to bring your yoga mat, water and hand towel!

HIIT Interval Training

Want to burn more calories, lose more fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness by just exercising 35 minutes? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves short periods of maximum intensity exercise separated by periods of low to moderate intensity.

Briefly pushing yourself beyond the upper limit of your aerobic exercise zone increases calorie burn during and after each session, and fat-burning potential by boosting your resting metabolism for up to 24 hours.

Bring water, fitness mat and a towel.

DIY Probiotics for a Well-Fed Microbiome

Five years ago, nobody knew they had a microbiome. Today, we are obsessed with it.

We are learning that the health of the ecosystem within our gut affects the health of our entire body.

In this demonstration class, registered dietitian Kristel Wiesner shares cutting-edge tips to support beneficial gut bacteria through diet and lifestyle choices.

Discover the benefits of fermented foods and learn easy techniques, using a dairy kefir culture, to make both milk and coconut kefir, probiotic hummus, probiotic applesauce and more. Sample a variety of foods made with kefir including kefir cheese and orange creamsicle smoothie.

Bring a jar with a lid to take home a culture so you can make kefir at home.

LIFE Lunch – Yoga, Yoga Everywhere

Bring your lunch and we will provide riveting topics and together we will enjoy the lunch-and-learns.

Join Libby Robold, for whom yoga is a career and a lifestyle, on a journey into understanding the Yoga Wave of today.

There are so many expressions of this ancient art surfacing on every corner, in gyms, at work, everywhere! How can you figure out what the styles mean and which one is right for you?

Libby has taught yoga to many populations, including severely emotionally disturbed children, physical therapy patients, nuns, Interlochen pianists and dancers, businesses, physicians and nurses, pre-school, elementary and high school students, church gatherings, even weddings, athletes and more.

Garner new information as Libby shines a bright light on another side of yoga that you may not know.

Bring a sack lunch; beverages and dessert are provided. Pre-registration is required.

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