Former CMU Students Help Breast Cancer Survivors, One Thermal Bra at a Time

Women who suffer from breast cancer who have a mastectomy and reconstruction deal with a myriad of issues, and one of them may surprise you.

Many woman struggle with feeling uncomfortably cold after their mastectomy and reconstruction. 

That’s because when you have a mastectomy you lose a lot of the fatty tissue that helps keep you warm, and a lot of that body heat is lost through your chest.

It’s a problem a group of Central Michigan University students decided to research and solve.

The class project blossomed into full-fledged business called Elemental.

The women at Elemental have created thermal bras for breast cancer survivors.

The thermal bras are designed for reconstructed breasts and feature cups designed specifically for the shape of reconstructed breasts, sensuous band fabrics to ensure comfort, absolutely no wires or itchy tags, highly adjustable straps to ensure fit, and made with moisture-wicking material.

Elemental’s goal is to support survivors, one bra at a time.

Learn more about Elemental’s thermal bras by visiting their website!

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