East Jordan Middle High School: Extra Credit for Good

East Jordan Middle High School has now had over seven snow days, four of which were consecutive. English teacher Alice McPherson wanted her students to get involved and get off the couch – that’s when she had an idea. 

“Even I was bored so I knew kids were bored so I just thought I’d put a challenge out to kids that maybe instead of sitting at home they could go out and do something for their community,” says Alice McPherson.

She came up with the idea to offer extra credit in exchange for her students doing a good deed for someone out in the community. Over 40 students decided to
participate by shoveling their neighbor’s drive, pulling someone out of a ditch, donating clothes, volunteering for local non-profits and collecting bottles to help a family who lost their home in a fire.

Macy McPherson, a senior at EJMHS says, “I think it’s a way for me to show the community that I live in that I’m grateful and thankful for the community that supports me.” 

“It really helps build on your character and help you develop as a person. It teaches you so many different life skills in different areas and I think it just really helps you become who you are,” says Senior, Madeline Malpass.

Small acts of kindness are rippling through this small Northern Michigan town.

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