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Cursive is Cool Contest Keeps The Skill Alive

Promo Image: Cursive is Cool Contest Keeps The Skill Alive

Writing in cursive? People don’t do that much in our modern world unless they are signing something.

But National Handwriting Day is Jan. 23, and it’s also the start of a cool contest for the good ol’ USA and Canada.

Cursive is Cool, that’s the name of the annual American Handwriting Analysis Foundation contest that’s trying to keep the skill alive for our kids.

First through sixth graders have the chance to test their cursive skills and their creativity when they answer one of the posed questions.

Campaign for Cursive offers three contests, one in the U.S. and two in Canada.

Winners of the contests will receive medals, certificates, fun new writing instruments, and accessories. Judges say they are looking for neatness, legibility, consistency and creativity.

The deadline to sign up is March 8.

To sign up, or look at the list of frequently asked questions, head to the website.