The Journey Program: Bonding Over More than Just Exercise

Plenty of people are hitting gyms across the country, following through on their new year’s resolutions.

But there is a group of Northern Michigan women who are bonding over more than just lifting weights and jumping on the treadmill.

The bond they’ve created is over their cancer diagnoses. A small intimate group of five women are participating in a free 10 week class at Battle Fitness in Traverse City called The Journey Program.

Journey Program client Sue Sunsenbaugh-padgett says,”The journey program helps those of us who have struggled with cancer. Whether we are already a survivor or whether we’re still in the process to get us kind of over that bridge of that feeling where we don’t know where we’re supposed to go from here.”

These women have been newly diagnosed, are undergoing treatment, in remission, or are up to two years post treatment.

“Cancer just takes so much out of you. I think that what I have noticed especially this time around is that I tire so very easily and weak. Just a trip to the store will tire me out and I think that the more exercise you get – you can build up that stamina just so you can do a little bit more than the day before,” says Heather Quick, a Journey Program client.

In this 10 week class, these women work on balance, building stamina and getting stronger mentally and physically.

Anne Marie Wigton, the certified cancer exercise specialist with the Journey Program, shares that each client has their own goals they’re trying to accomplish by the end of the 10 weeks.

“For some it’s as adventurous as I want to run or walk a 5K — that’s on the extreme end,” she says. “Some just want to walk four blocks or take their grand-kids to the ice cream store and back, and for some it’s I want to go horseback riding again. I mean everyone is so different, but I love seeing what they’re able to reach from the beginning to end.”

These women now have a support group that is pushing and supporting them on their own personal fitness and life journeys.

“This energizes your body, energizes your mind and your heart too,” says Heather Quick.

If you want more information on how you can get involved or join click here.

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