Cadillac Artist Makes Unique Block Printing

A bachelor’s in graphic design comes in handy with the historic art of letterpress and block printing.

Dani Renwick, a local artist from Cadillac, is a graphic designer who gravitated towards block printing in letterpress, starting her own business called Charmellow Design.

“Everything I do is sort of based in graphic design, that’s where all the stuff sort of originates from, then I apply it to block printing,” Renwick says. “I actually have a bunch of machinery in my garage for letterpress and just try to like use all the different things that I’ve ever learned to make cute things.”

With her inspiration coming from nature, people, music, and the world around her. She draws her inspiration from a lot of different sources to make something truly one-of-a-kind.

You can find more about Dani and her business on her Facebook page.

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