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Salt Spa, Sound Therapy Provide New Path to Wellness

Promo Image: Salt Spa, Sound Therapy Provide New Path to Wellness

Europeans have been swearing by salt therapy for decades. Now, a Traverse City salt spa promises an hour in their Himalayan salt chamber will ease physical and emotional tensions.

It is not your typical table salt, the one your doctor may say you need to cut back on. From a sprinkle on your meal, to surrounding yourself in mind and body, Himalayan salt can be very healing.

“There’s 84 minerals in the salt crystals…it has those minerals that really help feed the body,” said Carol Saxton, who owns Urban Oasis Salt Spa in Traverse City. “What it does is anti-inflammatory so it’s great for upper respiratory conditions, asthma, allergies, COPD, it’s also good for skin conditions for eczema and psoriasis.”

Saxton’s salt spa is a room full of 14,000 pounds of Himalayan salt from Pakistan. Salt crystal panels cover the wall and light shines behind them. The lights are soothing and can be lit to any color. Soft nature sounds play in the background, creating a relaxing atmosphere that’s also detoxifying.

“You can feel great if you’re stressed, it’s great for stress and relaxation,” said Saxton.

This weekend  the spa’s hosting a Tibetan bowl healer for a meditative concert.

“I play the tones out of one bowl and I play the tones out of another bowl and the brain goes into an entrainment effect, the brain starts quieting and passively brings you back,” said bowl healer Mark Handler. “The combination of the salt and the minerals and energy and the energy from the singing bowls have people effortlessly going into a state of meditation I felt that it generally is effective for 97 to 98 percent of the population.”

Handler says the bowls balance your vibrations and propel people into deeper levels of consciousness.

“You generally go deeper and deeper into meditation into deep profound relaxation, the deeper the more likely they’re to have extraordinary experiences,” said Handler. “It could be healing, it could be inner pain, pain relief,.it could be [releasing] emotional damage…the bottom line is it feels really good.”

The Tibetan Singing Bowl meditative concert is Saturday October 27th.

For tickets and more information on the concert and the singing bowl event visit