Upcycle Your Space: DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch


1/2″ x 3/8″ copper coupling from plumbing section of your local hardware store

1″ copper split ring tubing hanger (threaded to 3/8″)

Copper top plate connector (threaded to 3/8″)

3/8″ x 6″ threaded zinc rod

2 3/8″ zinc nuts

Torch wick

Citronella oil

Glass bottle with 1″ opening



Screw a nut onto the end of the zinc rod, until you can see around 1/4″ of threading beyond it.

Screw the split ring onto the end of the zinc rod until it butts up against the nut.

On the other end of the rod, screw on another nut and then attach the top plate connector.

Fit the coupling into the opening of the bottle, making sure it fits snugly (use teflon tape from the plumbing supply to tighten up the fit if needed).

Using a funnel, fill the bottle with oil and thread the wick through the coupling until only about 1/4″ is visible on top.

Tighten the split ring around the neck of your bottle, mount to a wall, light and enjoy a bug free space!

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