3 August Gardening Tips

And if you’re hoping to keep your garden greener and more vibrant—we’ve got a few tip for you!

Rent-A-Gardener‘s Allison Jackson has years of experience designing garden spaces. She loves gardening so much it gives her chills to talk about it.

The growing season may be part way over, but the work isn’t done.

Allison Jackson has three tips for what you can do now, in August.

Deadhead your flowering plants

“Those can be annuals or perennials,” she says. “By offering that to those plant materials, they’ll continue to give a beautiful bloom for you.”

Pull Weeds

“A few things to remember this time of year is to go ahead and pull weeds,” Jackson says. “A lot of the weeds that we’re seeing right now are perennial weeds, and they really put on a bold showing this time of year.”

Order Spring Flowering Bulbs

“I look to order my bulbs that are coming in this fall,” Jackson says. “You know, there’s always limited quantities on bulbs and if you’ve got a flower that you’d like to see grow in your garden next spring that is a bulb-type planting, you definitely want to get the order put together.”

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