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Family Packs Up And Gets Out Of Mitten State To Travel The World

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“Everything outdoorsy and fun,” Ben and Kelly Lutz agree.

That’s what the Lutz family, originally from the mitten state, has been focusing on the past two months.

“I think our favorite number one thing is to go in the beach and play in the water, she’s a beach baby, she likes to put the life jacket on her back and just float in the water just lounging,” they said.

Meanwhile giving their parents their last hugs, waving their family and their house — good bye.

“We quit our jobs, sold our house,” he said.

Leading up to one date, August 13th.

They’ve been anticipating since the happy couple met.

“We fly from Detroit to Paris, and we are going to travel the world for about a year, our goal in this whole adventure is to bond with this little one and find some new passions, some new careers, and explore the world and new cultures and inspire others to think outside the box, to challenge their comfort zone and think about the world in a little bit different way,” they explained.

They’re most excited to spend a whole year one on one with their daughter liesel.

“Just having more time together as a family and every day is different and kind of a surprise, so really the family thing for me we could be anywhere in the world but I am just having a lot of fun with these two crazies,” Kelly said.

Then Spain and Croatia.

“We’ll be there for a bout a week we’ve never been there, were really excited,” he said.

And Bali for a month in October.

“Then after that we have a wide open itinerary,” they laughed.

A wide open itinerary for a world wide open for them to explore.

“We are just trying to inspire others to think outside the box, even if it’s in your local neighborhood, do something different, we all fall into routines really easily and we are just trying to inspire others to think a little differently and make the most of every day, because we only have one life and we have to go out and live it,” Ben said.

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