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The Four

Wine Tasting Etiquette, Pro Tips,

Northern Michigan is known for its nearly countless opportunities for wine and wine tasting.

Before you plan your tasting trip, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to wine.

You don’t need to know much to just enjoy it, but there are easy ways to feel confident in a tasting room.

Director of Marketing Kyle Brownley is a pro from , a winery and inn on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City—one of about 40 different wineries along the Traverse Wine Coast.

He has some pro tips to guide your sips: follow “the four S’s” of tasting.

Sight. Look for bubbles, which mean it’s sparkling. Check out the color.

“You can tell sugar content to alcohol content depending on all the sights and colors,” Brownley says.


“Pro tip is keep the stem on the actual table,” Brownley says. “Really, swirling just allows the aromatics to come out.”


“Most wine pros would tell you this is the most important step,” Brownley says. “I always encourage people don’t be bashful, get right in there.”


“It’s everybody’s favorite,” Brownley says.


There are three ways to enjoy the wine tasting experience, and that’s even before you actually taste it.

Traverse City Uncorked is taking place all month long, and when you stay overnight in a participating property, you’re getting three complimentary tastings at the wineries.

There’s another fun part of Traverse City Uncorked taking place on Saturdays, and that’s free, tethered hot air balloon rides at select wineries.

To learn more, go to Traverse City Tourism’s .

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