Lake County District Health Department Gets MedNow Kiosk

Seeing a doctor just got easier for those living in Lake County.

The Lake County District Health Department in Baldwin just got a MedNow kiosk.

The tool will allow patients in Lake County to video chat with doctors.

MedNow is a tool that has been in Spectrum Health hospitals for a few years, now.

But Lake County is the first county in the entire state to get a kiosk outside of the hospitals.

“This is what it will look like when a patient comes to the Baldwin Health Department,” says a supervisor of MedNow.

Medical help, from a kiosk.

A much needed resource in Lake County.

“There’s not a lot of physician providers in Lake County so that’s one issue. Another access issue is just plain transportation, so folks that don’t have the means to get to the hospital,” says Scott Lombard of Spectrum Health.

Now, Lake County patients ages three and above will  have easier access to treatment by simply coming to the health department in Baldwin.

“You would start the consultation off with whatever medical assistance you need, you would register, validate who you are and then as your explaining you symptoms, the provider is also listening,” says Katelyn Johnson, MedNow specialist.

From rashes to fevers and more, there’s a long list of problems these digital doctors can provide.

Bill Kerans lives in Lake County and Tuesday he was able to test it out.

“I am being treated right now for an infection on my finger and I was able to show the provider on the other end a close up with a very high definition camera, this infection on my finger. I’ll be able to come in here and have an appointment and have things checked out and I’m sure family and a lot of our friends will as well,” says Kerans.

MedNow can be accessed by smartphone, is covered by various insurance providers and doctors are also able to call in prescriptions after appointments.