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Hometown Tourist: Ocqueoc Falls

There are no shortage of waterfalls to visit in Northern Michigan.

just outside of Rogers City is the only publicly owned set of falls in the Lower Peninsula.

It’s a popular place to hike and enjoy nature and it’s designed to be accessible for everyone.

We go for a visit in this week’s Hometown Tourist.

“The Ocqueoc River is a large watershed and it flows out into Lake Huron and the falls go another mile down the street, just a series of rapids and then the river starts to slow down,” said Blake Gingrich, Parks and Recreation Supervisor.

The Ocqueoc Falls. What used to be as a hub for logging is now a gorgeous spot to visit, find some peace and quiet, and grab a breath of fresh air.

“A lot of the stuff you’ll see when you’re walking along this river, you’ll see rock walls built, that’s because the lumber men here were moving the logs down the river and they had to build what they called sluce ways and they would shoot the logs down these little channels,” explained Gingrich.

The park is ADA accessible and hiking down the trails and bends in the river, you come across a little bit of wildlife.

There’s even the option to spend the night.

“It’s like a natural stone walkway down there and you can continue to walk down the falls for miles and you get into some nice deep pools and bends in the river. Some people just keep walking down the trail to get away from people,” said Gingrich.

These falls are a true gem of the Lower Peninsula and a place where people come to find serenity.

“I think it’s kind of spiritual for some people. I hear that they just come here and relax to the sound of the water and they can get close to it. It’s just a relaxing environment and once they come here once they continue to come back,” said Gingrich.


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