Evart Middle School Holds First Days At Springhill Camp

As we all know life doesn’t always go according to plan.
One school found a fun way to overcome what could have been a big problem. 

Evart Middle School is putting last minute touches on big renovations that weren’t ready for the first day of school. 
So, they took students down the road to Springhill Camp in Evart for a few days of team building. 

"There was so much work that had to be done that unfortunately we weren’t ready to begin on Thursday in our own building," said Jason O’Dell.

Right now you’ll see empty parking lots at Evart Middle School, a stark difference from the usual hustle and bustle of the first week of school. 
That’s because all the students are just down the road at Springhill Camp. 

"We get to hang out with them instead of being in the classroom and teachers we get to have fun with our friends," said Laina Payne.

The school’s back up plan went into full swing when they found out renovations took longer than expected. 

"It’s been a blessing in disguise where we’ve been able to start the year off forming solid relationships. Not only kids reconnecting with each other but new kids into our family as well as students connecting with teachers," said Jason. 

Instead of starting the year with lesson plans, they’re doing team building activities and getting a lesson on life. 

"If I dislike a teacher or think they’re boring or don’t like me you know this is a good time to bond and talk to them," said Joseph Spears.

"If we start with a strong foundation with relationships that we can always go back to those through anything," Jason said. 

The state Fire Marshall will visit the school on Monday, and if the school gets their occupancy permit students will go back to the classroom the next day.

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