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Excavation Work Causes Gas Leak on Road in Kincheloe

Crews in a Chippewa County town spent the afternoon patching a leaking gas line.

It happened on Windermere Drive in the town of Kincheloe just after noon on Wednesday.

An excavating team was working on digging up the road to replace a water line, when a rock fell on part of the gas line, puncturing a hole in it and causing the leak.

Those who live on the street had to temporarily evacuate their homes.

A mother says she was at home with her kids when she started smelling the fumes

“I was nursing my daughter and I smelled gas, so I got up and I came outside and it was very, very strong. You could actually hear the gas line spraying it was really loud. It concerned me, I know things can blow up. I was concerned for my children mostly,” said Chenoa Locke.

DTE Energy was on scene patching the leak, they say things should be back to normal this evening. 

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