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Texas Fugitive Arrested After Standoff in Mason County

Promo Image: Texas Fugitive Arrested After Standoff in Mason County

A fugitive all the way from Texas holed up in a Mason County house, hiding from police.

The sheriff says the fugitive standoff lasted two and a half hours on East Brye Road Monday afternoon.

This wasn’t the first time deputies encountered the man.

Sheriff Kim Cole says it started two days ago when a deputy pulled over the same man for a routine traffic stop.

The sheriff says he gave a false name, but the deputy tracked down his real identity later.

He says the man was a robbery suspect from Texas, and a subsequent tip led them to the house.

The sheriff says three deputies approached covertly and the homeowner cooperated.

The deputies then worked to contact the man by using a loudspeaker, and then a canine.

When both of those methods did not work, they called in a robot to clear the home, room by room.

"The robot, in this particular case, probably saved that person their home because our next option would have been deploying gas throughout the house and trying to systematically push this person to an entrance to get him out of the house," Sheriff Cole explained.

The sheriff says no weapon was found.

The man, again, is charged with robbery in Texas.

The sheriff also says he could be charged with giving false information to a deputy and obstructing police.

He is expected to be formally charged Tuesday.