Eleven States Fail To Present Budget Proposals Before July Deadline

Several state-run parks and public services are temporarily shut down across nearly a dozen states.

This comes after lawmakers failed to pass state budgets.

The budget year kicked off over the weekend.

46 states needed to pass a budget and 11 states failed to do so.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered a government shutdown Sunday.

In Maine, state employees are already out of work following an impasse between the state’s governor and Democrats in the legislature over taxes.

In Illinois though, after three straight years without a budget, the state has finally come to an agreement.

The Illinois House approved a 32 percent income tax increase Sunday.

They also approved an annual spending plan of about $36 billion.

That’s $800 million less than what the Illinois governor proposed last winter.

Michigan is also among the states that failed to have a budget laid out by July 1, though it is currently awaiting approval by Governor Snyder.