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Grayling Groundwater Testing Continues, Health Department Submits Samples

Testing is still underway in a Northern Michigan township surrounding a military airfield.

The Health Department says samples have been sent for testing.

We first brought you this story last month.

The Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs discovered traces of a chemical in Grayling Township’s groundwater.

District Health Department #10 says about 120 out of 150 homes have been tested so far.

This was after a slightly elevated amount of Perfluorinated chemicals, or PFC’s, were found near Camp Grayling.

The Health Department says the chemical is harmful if ingested but they have not issued any water advisories at this time.

"If one has a high level of risk that they are really worried about the chemicals at this point in time, we would recommend the use of bottled water,” says Tom Reicherd, Environmental Health Director for Health Department District #10. “But we are not doing any advisories at this point until we have the data back."

The Health Department says it could take up to two months for the results of the testing to come back.

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