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Boardman River Dam Project: Removing the Sabin Dam

We take you live to a meeting over the Sabin Dam in Grand Traverse County.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a team overseeing the restoration project is informing everyone of their plans for the tear down.

Crews have already removed down one dam on the Boardman River.

The Boardman Dam is expected to come down this year, and crews are already looking to next year’s Sabin Dam removal.

The Boardman River Dam’s project has been working to remove the dams for years, restoring the river ecologically.

With the Brown Bridge Dam removed in 2012, and the Boardman River Dam later this year, the project is informing everyone about their plans for removing the Sabin Dam.

Following the information session, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality will hold a public hearing.

We’ll have more information on 9&10 News at 11.

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