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BATA’s Bike-N-Ride Program Returns For 5th Year

Promo Image: BATA’s Bike-N-Ride Program Returns For 5th Year

The Bay Area Transportation Authority wants to make sure it’s easy for people to get out, soak up the sun and enjoy the scenery.              

BATA’s Bike-n-Ride program is celebrating its fifth year.

It allows bicyclists to ride along paths one way and ride the bus back.

The busses make trips from Glen Arbor and Suttons Bay.

The busses can carry eleven bikes per trip.

“You could hop on the bus here in downtown Traverse City, take it out to Suttons Bay, have some lunch, some drinks, some entertainment and then you could ride your bike back or you could do it the opposite direction as well,” says BATA communications manager, Eric Lingaur. “It provides an alternative way for people to enjoy public transportation, but is also health, wellness, and environmentally friendly to get out and enjoy the trails.”

The program runs through the fall.

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