Silver Lake Elementary Helps Boardman Nature Center With Recycled Craft Fair

A Northern Michigan elementary school is having a unique craft fair Friday and all proceeds are going towards the great outdoors.

Silver Lake Elementary in Traverse City is hosting their fifth annual Really Remarkable Recycled Craft Fair.

Students made more than 700 crafts using spoons, bottles, soup cans, plastic bags and a number of other recyclable items.

Plus, everything is only 25 cents!

All proceeds are going to be donated to the Boardman Nature Center.

“It’s important to recycle because if you don’t, the earth would be a very dirty place and trash and recycling would be everywhere,” says third-grader, Abbigail Stevenson. “I hope that we sell a lot of things, everything, and that we make a lot of money.”

There will also be a used book sale.

The craft fair is at the school from 1:50 to 2:50 Friday afternoon.

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