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Forest Area Community Schools’ Millage Increase Proposal On May Ballot

Local elections are less than a week away and many Northern Michigan schools are finding themselves on the ballot.

Forest Area Community Schools is one of them.

Their bond proposal is for a one mill increase to the current 2.4 millage rate.

The increase would cost $1 per $1,000 of taxable value.

The schools are looking to upgrade security with a new entrance at the elementary school, renovations at the athletic complex including a new track and restroom facilities.

If passed, they also plan to add a community and school fitness center with locker rooms and two more classrooms to the middle and high school building.

These are just some of the many upgrades needed throughout the schools.

“Our campuses have not been renovated since the eighties, so we did have some high needs and the board tried to prioritize those needs and make it manageable for the taxpayer as well,” says Forest Area Schools Superintendent, Josh Rothwell. “We just want to provide the best educational experience for those kids, whether it’s an athletic program, band program or in the classroom. We’re trying to provide the best opportunity we can for our kids.”

Forest Area Community Schools is also on the ballot for a building site sinking fund millage.

For more information on both,

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