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Traverse City Protestors Against Repealing Affordable Care Act

More than 60 people took to the streets on Wednesday in Northern Michigan to protest the American Healthcare Reform Act.

Members from Indivisible Traverse City, Leelanau Democrats and Leelanau Indivisible were protesting in front of the office of Representative Jack Bergman.

They want to keep President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

A congressional budget office review says the republican’s new plan says it could leave millions uninsured.

With a possible vote on Thursday to repeal Obamacare, protesters feel it’s essential, for those whose healthcare might be in danger, speak out.

“It was stressed at our meeting last Sunday and the one before, with the vote approaching we have to come out. So here we are,” said Lynne VanNess, co founder of Indivisible Traverse City

Almost all of the people protesting, stood by Bergman’s office for an hour.

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