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De-Icer Concerns For Grand Traverse Bay

With all the ice building up people are using de-icers and plenty of it which could be a hazard for the local water.

The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay says the rain can pick-up those de-icer chemicals and take them to our water ways and it eventually gets to the bay.

That’s why they suggest you shovel often, read the directions and don’t over-apply, sweep any access material once the ice has melted and remember there’s environmental-friendly de-icer products.

Grand Traverse Baykeeper Heather Smith says, “Chloride levels have been increasing in the great lakes and that can be a toxic chemical in the great lakes and that’s certainly something we’re concerned about keeping our eyes on and most of those elevated from human activity including road salt.”

And with road commissions also using road salt The Watershed Center says any little bit from you and your family helps. 

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