Wolverine Residents Deal With Storm Damage Caused by Gusty Winds

"You could literally see objects flying," Wolverine resident Tiffany McManemy said. "It was almost like a twister."

The winds have calmed down now, but Monday night’s strong gusts snapped trees and left people without power.

There are still people in the dark Tuesday.

About 240 Great Lakes Energy customers and more than 600 across the Tip of the Mitt who use the Presque Isle Electric and Gas Co-Op. 

The power is back on in the Village of Wolverine, but homeowners are still assessing the damage from all of the downed trees.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik spoke with people dealing with damage.

"It was loud," Wolverine resident Steve Evoy said. "It sounded like freight trains going through the woods here."

Monday night’s gusting winds echoed through the Village of Wolverine leaving many people with a mess Tuesday morning.

Steve Evoy was eating dinner with his family Monday night when a tree came crashing down in his back yard.

"About a 30 foot balsam fir and snapped right off at the trunk and it took out a poplar with it and a couple other balsams," Evoy said. "It’ll be a little bit of a mess to clean up."

Thankfully, the tree missed his home by a few feet.

Tiffany McManemy was not so lucky.

"When we heard the big old bang, I thought for sure it was our deck or something going down," McManemy said. "I mean that’s how loud it was." 

A branch broke off of a tree and then it came crashing down.

It landed on McManemy’s car and caused damage to the front.

"Everybody was safe. That’s all that counts," McManemy said. "I mean the car, but that you can always get fixed."

Both McManemy and Evoy say the wind Monday night was like nothing they ever heard before.

"It’s the windiest I ever heard it here," Evoy said. 

"We’ll get a little bit of wind living of the lake obviously, nothing like that. It was scary," McManemy said. "I know it’s Mother Nature, but please, I hope I never have to go through it again."