Michigan State Police Switching Back To 1920s Hat To Celebrate 100th Anniversary

Michigan State Police troopers are switching back to a classic look to celebrate the department’s 100th anniversary.

The last time Michigan State Police wore these hats was in the 1920s.

Similar to the current hats, the new hats include a black braid.       

Sergeants get a silver braid.

Lieutenants and above get a gold braid.

State police say they are excited to honor those who came before them.

“I think it’s kind of a nice move to go back to a piece of equipment that we originally wore, we’ve moved away from it, we’ve come back to it and I hope that it’s something that stays around,” says Sgt. David Johnson, Michigan State Police Houghton Lake Post.

Along with the hats, state police will celebrate 100 years of service in 2017 with a specially designed Dodge Charger.