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Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre Received Huge Donation

Promo Image: Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre Received Huge Donation

Celebrations were in full swing Friday at an Emmet County non-profit theatre as a big check was donated to continue their vision.    

AT&T donated $250,000 to the new theatre in Harbor Springs Friday morning.

AT&T, board members and local representatives gathered at the Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre to celebrate the huge donation. 

The money was donated in honor of a long-time AT&T board member and summer resident, John McCoy.

It will go towards continuing to restore the theatre as well as programming.

The big donation is just one of many that has provided support for the Lyric Theatre.

"We’re just thrilled to have support from businesses, private individuals and even get support currently where people make small donations because they want us, we’re a 501(c)(3), to be successful and we look to the community to be partners in that vision," Lyric Theatre executive director Scott Langton said.

The Lyric is just shy of having 20,000 visitors since opening.