Cadillac School Auctions Off Christmas Trees To Help Those In Need

A Cadillac school is auctioning off Christmas trees, hoping to spread the spirit of the holiday.

Students at St. Ann school are raising money to help the less fortunate by auctioning off Christmas trees.

Little E’s trees of Manton donated the live potted trees.        

Each classroom picks a theme for their tree, then works together to decorate it.

So far the bidding for the 11 different trees is over $1,100.

All the money raised goes towards buying food and gifts for those who can’t afford it.

“Some of the funds go towards food for the families, they’ll get an entire Christmas meal,” explains St. Ann Secretary, Terry Duley. ”They’ll get turkey, ham, potatoes, an entire nice festive meal, but then also we will pass along give cards and gifts for kids too.”

Bidding on the trees started Sunday and ends Thursday at 2:30 pm.

You can place your bid at St. Ann School or over the phone by calling (231) 775-1301.

The themes this year are Snowman, Red, Michigan State, Reindeer, Northern Michigan Rustic, Santa and His Helpers, U of M, Stocking Stuffers, Disney, Santa, and Peace.