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Kalkaska Crews Work To Clear Snowy Roads

Promo Image: Kalkaska Crews Work To Clear Snowy Roads

Snow plows across Northern Michigan are busy clearing the snow packed roads.

Kalkaska got a lot of snow with more on the way.

"One thing you have to learn is patience especially on the first big snow fall," Said Carey Kiogmia.

A lake effect snow band dumped at least nine inches of powder in Kalkaska. Drivers still braved the streets.

"Most of the time it’s people tailgating and driving without lights on," said George Boyd.

The Department Of Public Works in the Village Of Kalkaska started tackling it at four in the morning.They worked non stop into the afternoon.

"Make sure you leave room for our drivers they back up. A lot and they have a hard time seeing you so make sure you slow down don’t get right up behind them because they disappear behind big trucks there are a lot of blind spots," said Nick Vlasko.

All to make sure drivers safely reach their destinations.

"Lot of patience and you know it’s the first big snow of the season plows are out working their hardest and the trying to do their jobs the best they can," said Carey Kiogmia.

Even with all their equipment they still slid around because of the snow packed roads.

"It gets hard to push and the snow will pack up on the road and everything will start to be slippery so moving heavy snow with slippery roads you can’t push very much at a time so it just takes us longer to move everything around," said Nick Vlasko.

And they are ready to do it all again.

"With all the snow we are getting we are going to start all over again," Nick said.