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Forgotten Lake Superior Shipwreck Found After 132 Years

In the depths of Lake Superior, a team of shipwreck hunters found the wreckage of a freighter that sank in 1884.

9&10 News spoke with one of the dive team members Thursday.

They used old charts and historical accounts to track down the J.S. Seaverns.

Sonar finally led them to the scene.

Forgotten for 132 years, divers said the J.S. Seaverns was surprisingly well-preserved along the northern shore of the lake, about 100 miles north of Sault Ste. Marie.

The team was then able to explore the interior.

In the galley area, plates are still sitting on the shelves.

All of the crew and passengers survived the sinking.

We’re working to bring you more details on this incredible find.