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Northern Michigan Schools Remind Parents Of Fall Count Day

Students, always expected to be in class during school hours.

But Wednesday October 5, is one of the most important attendance days of the year.

It’s statewide fall Count Day, something that goes a long way for schools.

There’s two count days, one in the fall and one in the winter.

The winter count day determines just 10% of funding per student, but the fall count day is accountable for the remainder 90%.

That’s why districts like Traverse City Area Public Schools are reminding parents to make sure their kids come to class.

Christine Guitar, TCAPS Director of Communications and Marketing says, “Count Day is really important for schools because that funding is what we use to deliver the high quality education we offer at our schools so in order for us to get all the funding from the state we have to get our students counted.”

The state does allow excused absences if your child is sick.

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