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New Charlton Heston Academy High School Opens

Monday was the first day of classes for the new high school at Charlton Heston Academy.

The school now has all grades under one roof.

Charlton Heston Academy is a public charter school in St. Helen.

It’s now in its fifth year of operation.

9&10 News was there as the patriots started class.

State Representative Bruce Rendon was also there, along with school and community leaders.

Monday’s opening was a community-wide effort.

“To see the public step forward and the need was there, and where there’s a need people will come. And now this is reality and were going to have graduating seniors from Charlton Heston Academy, it’s just a great day,” says Rendon.

Jason Sarsfield, chief academic officer at Charlton Heston Academy, adds, “One of our core values here at Charlton Heston Academy is teamwork. We like to display that and embody that for our students, and that’s ultimately what it took to get it done. The entire community was involved and played their part in coming together as one big team for our students to make this happen.”

In addition to the new class space, the school is also working on finishing up a new gym and track.

They hope to have it done by the end of November.

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