Benzie Bus Offers Magical History Tour

Benzie Bus is now offering something called Magical History Tours.

The tour introduces riders to fun facts and trivia about Benzie County.

Whether you’re just visiting or have lived in Benzie County your whole life, it connects people to areas of the county they may not have seen, like the lily farms, Crystal Mountain and St. Ambrose Cellars.

The tour consists of two 30-minute loops and are full of some of Northern Michigan’s best kept secrets.

“We’ve had a lot of people that come on these tours who’ve lived in the county their whole life and they never knew that Al Capone stayed here. Or they never knew that Archibald Jones was a man,” said Gabriel Kennis, a tour guide on Benzie Bus’s Magical History Tour.

Tours happen on Mondays throughout the summer and cost $5 for the afternoon.