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Clinton, Trump Expecting Big Wins in Tuesday’s Northeastern Primaries

Voters from five northeastern states will head to the polls Tuesday.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are expected to win big, despite plans by John Kasich and Ted Cruz to keep Trump from gaining more delegates.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is already focusing on her campaign after the nominations.

But Bernie Sanders says he will stay in the race until the convention, hoping to inspire change in the Democratic Party.

Republican candidates John Kasich and Ted Cruz have teamed up to stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination.

They plan to campaign in separate states in an effort to make sure Trump doesn’t win the delegates needed to win the nomination.

Trump calls the move divisive, stating “they out to both drop out so we can unify the Republican Party.”

The most recent polls are predicting that Trump and Clinton will win in all five of Tuesday’s primary elections.

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