Crawford County Puppy Found Hurt, Sexually Assaulted in Ongoing Case

"It’s disgusting and you don’t expect something like that. Ever."

An investigation involving a little puppy…

Investigators say it was sexually abused.

Jake the dog is just 14 weeks old.

On Saturday, March 12th, his owner let him outside, and he disappeared.

Hours later, she found her little dog injured in her backyard.

A vet says a person sexually abused the puppy.

Investigators are looking into the animal cruelty case near the city of Grayling in Crawford County.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman met with the puppy’s owner and has more on this disturbing case in tonight’s top story.


"I can’t imagine who would want to do something like that," says Terri Lasby, Jake’s owner. "It doesn’t make any sense."

Terri Lasby says the unthinkable happened to her cute little dog… on a day that started out normal.

"When we woke up, we put the puppy outside briefly to go to the bathroom," Terri says. "Five minutes later, we look out. He’s lying on the porch, getting a little sun. We were planning on letting him in and he was gone."

Hours later, she found the dog nearby.

But something was wrong.

"It took us three hours before we found him and he was underneath a shrub at the back of the house and he wouldn’t come out," Terri says. "We were bathing him and getting those sticks picked out of his fur. I started to spray the backside of him and he started crying, just yelping in pain."

The Crawford County Sheriff says Terri found the dog ‘shaking, timid and covered with mud and debris.’

A veterinarian looked him over, saying ‘the dog had been a victim of a sexual assault.’

"A sick person," says John Lasby, Terri’s husband. "It’s terrible that anyone could do something like that to a little puppy."

Whatever happened, John and Terri say it hurt Jake in more ways than one.

"Before, he was always right around our feet, running, jumping and then after that incident, he wasn’t playful at all," John says.

"It was just like the fire had gone out of him," Terri says. "He’s our family. I mean, we have children but our children are grown and out of the house so he’s the last one left at home."

While Jake is almost back to his old self, he’s still sore.

Terri says she hopes someone comes forward.

"I would like the person to come forward and quit being such a coward," Terri says. "I would like to see that person get some help and not get worse, not hurt anybody else’s puppy or anybody else’s family."

The sheriff says the case is still an open investigation, with no leads yet.

Anyone who has any information that could help them is asked to call the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office at (989) 348-6341.