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Feedback at 5:00: Sweepstakes Scams

It may come in the mail, or through a phone call, or an email — a notification telling you it’s your lucky day, that you’re the winner of a huge amount of money.

But in reality, it’s a scam.

Experts say they are seeing a rise in sweepstakes scams.

Many of them look real, and may even use legitimate company names.

Fraud experts say there are key ways to know right away if it’s a fraud.

If they ever ask for money up front, it’s a scam and you should notify police right away.

You should also never give out any personal information, like your bank information, or Social Security account.

Have you, or someone you know ever been a victim of a scam?

What happened? How long did it take to re-secure your information?

It’s today’s Feedback at 5:00.