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Elk Rapids Couple Get a Welcome Surprise from Loved Ones in Haiti

A northern Michigan family spent the last couple days on an emotional roller coaster ride. Norm Clark II says his mother and father were helping a friend with an orphanage in Haiti when the earthquake struck. His parents live in Florida but spend summers in northern Michigan with their son's family near Elk Rapids in Antrim County. “The earthquake wasn't even our biggest concern,” says Clark about how he felt when he first heard about the quake. He says they initially felt tsunami's were the biggest threat. “That would have done ten times the damage the earthquakes have done,” he says. But the disaster is still horrific and tragic. After it happened, Clark and his wife Tressa anxiously waited to hear from their loved ones in Haiti, but heard nothing for almost 24 hours. Then suddenly good news appeared out of nowhere. “I'm sitting there trying to find out some information and I look up and my dad's sitting there having a conversation with one of the reporters on CNN,” he says. “I lost it. Just about fell out of my chair.” Clark's father, Norm Clark Senior, told the CNN reporter his story of survival, and how they managed to get all the kids from their orphanage out safely. “This whole thing is northing short of a miracle from God,” Clark Junior says. “It's just amazing.” 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson has their remarkable story.