Waters Freezing Over, But Ice May Not Be Safe Yet

It might be cold out there, but that doesn't mean the ice is ready yet. As the waters of Northern Michigan start to freeze over, the U.S. Coast Guard has some advice, and it's simple: if you don't know how thick the ice is, stay off of it. As the winter wears on and the ice gets thicker, they advise those who do venture out to always use the buddy system. They also recommend taking tools like rope and ice grippers just in case. If you have to help someone who's fallen through, the coast guard says it's important to disperse your weight to avoid becoming a victim yourself. As for snowmobilers, it's not just the thickness of the ice you need to be mindful of. The coast guard says watch your speed and remember there are snow-covered objects that could really hurt you. Erika Waddell and photojournalist Justin DePrekel have the story.

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