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Cross Country

Mesick’s Redman twins run with the ‘big guys,’ in freshman season finishing top 12 in D4

MESICK - Kyle and Ty Redman are freshman twins at Mesick high school, both of them finished top 12 at the division 4 state championships. Kyle ran a 16:17, coming in 7th being the fastest freshman in division 4, and Ty wasn’t far behind him running a 16:32 coming in 12th.

It’s safe to say that the two of them enjoyed the experience at Michigan International Speedway.

“It was really fun being with Ty. Chasing down the big guys.” Kyle Redman said.


“The feeling is really cool. When you start passing, it’s really fun, especially like in the final mile or whatever. It’s a lot of fun.” Said Ty Redman

The two have them haven’t been running cross country for very long.

“We started track in 6th grade, but cross country, we started in 8th grade. Yeah. So, we’ve only been doing it for two years. We did, we did football in 7th grade and in 6th grade, so. It was like hit or miss. Yeah, we only got like one, the regional meet in of the season.” Said the twins.

When asked who faster Kyle was quick to say it was him, but Ty made sure that Kyle that his knee was a little bit hurt during regionals.


The Redman’s also play basketball at Mesick along with track, and you’ll be able to find them on the track handing off the baton to each other in the 4x400 relay in the spring.

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