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Manton Hosts Athletic Combine for Middle and High Schoolers

MANTON – Manton hosted its first ever athletic combine for middle and high schoolers from several area schools Monday at the high school gym.

Participants were tested in various workouts including the broad jump, vertical jump, push-ups and the 40-yard dash.

Philadelphia Eagles’ outside linebacker Joe Ostman, a St. Ignace and Central Michigan alum, was also on hand for the combine.

“It’s just important to show them that it’s important to workout and work hard and lift weights and do all that stuff,” Ostman said. “But at the same time it’s just about having fun with your friends.”

The goal of the combine is to encourage young athletes to stay active and track their progress throughout the summer.

“I think it’s really important for all our sports teams to come to this because I think we’ll all see a lot of improvement,” Manton senior Megan Moffit said. “I think it builds your team better if you do get a group of people to come in with you.”

“It was great to have some of our athletes and some non-athletes,” said Manton Athletic Director Scott Bender. “There’s some kids in here that have never played a sport and [I] see them here sitting in the stands just trying to get healthy. So we’re very excited for what we have and hopefully it builds.”

A second combine will be held in August to measure the progress of the athletes over the summer.