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MHSFCA 2020 Division 7-8 All-Region Teams

The Michigan High School Football Coaches Association has released its 2020 Division 7-8 all-region teams.

Below is a listing of area athletes and coaches that received all-region honors.

Division 7 All-Region
Mack Bontekoe, Offensive Lineman, McBain
Zack Nickel, Offensive Lineman, Charlevoix
Quintin Alonzi, Offensive Lineman, Harbor Springs
Mitch Hall, Offensive Lineman, Beaverton
Cole Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Evart
Evan Solomon, Wide Receiver, Charlevoix
Dan Rodenbaugh, Running Back, McBain
Brian Morgan, Running Back, Houghton Lake
Bryant Calderon, Running Back, Evart
Trent Reed, Running Back, Beaverton
Danny Witbeck, Quarterback, Evart
Jake Fischer, Quarterback, Beaverton
Jake Claflin, Defensive Lineman, Charlevoix
Kamrin Grein, Defensive Lineman, Evart
Brant Bontekoe, Defensive Lineman, McBain
Mitch Hall, Linebacker, Beaverton
Luke Snyder, Linebacker, Charlevoix
Jake Hamp, Linebacker, Houghton Lake
Matt Utecht, Linebacker, McBain
Andrew Vandertuig, Linebacker, Lake City
Trent Reed, Defensive Back, Beaverton
Phillip Sterrett, Defensive Back, Charlevoix
Danny Witbeck, Defensive Back, Evart
Kaiden McGillis, Defensive Back, McBain
Grant Richardson, Athlete, Harbor Springs
Omar Aguilar, Specialist, Pine River
Regional Coaches of the Year: Pat Maloney, McBain
Division 8 All-Region
Ethan Locke, Offensive Lineman, Beal City
Bryce Middleton, Offensive Lineman, Coleman
Tucker Hubbard, Offensive Lineman, Frankfort
Tommy Runyan, Offensive Lineman, Johannesburg-Lewiston
Matt Oswald, Tight End, Beal City
Sheldon Huff, Running Back, Johannesburg-Lewiston
Caleb Boyer, Defensive Lineman, East Jordan
Kennan O’Neil, Defensive Lineman, East Jordan
Anthony Paull, Defensive Lineman, Rogers City
Logan May, Linebacker, Johannesburg-Lewiston
Konner Carbeno, Linebacker, Coleman
Conner Schrank, Defensive Back, Coleman
Isaac Hein, Defensive Back, Rogers City
Regional Coaches of the Year: Brad Gross, Beal City; Joe Smokevitch, Johannesburg-Lewiston