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Big Rapids gives away memorabilia from the Playscape playground at Hemlock Park

BIG RAPIDS — Some would call it an end of an era.

Since 1996, children and even adults played on the Playscape at Hemlock Park. Many in the area have fond memories running through the wooden structure, swinging and sliding – not to mention all the great places to hide during a game of tag.

But now it’s time for a change. The City of Big Rapids has started tearing down the old icon to make way for new memories at a modern, all-accessible playground.


If you act quickly, you can even take a piece of the Playscape home with you.

“As a city, we know that the old Hemlock Playscape is very important to the residents of Big Rapids, so we are offering bricks and wooden spindles and other trinkets as a way to say thank you. They have names on them from people’s childhoods,” said Steve Gove, communications coordinator for the City of Big Rapids.

The items will be at the water tower on Bjornson Street in Big Rapids. The City says the new playground should be complete before the end of the summer.

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