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Hook & Hunting: Pilgrim’s Village Resort says lack of ice is causing people to gear up to hit the rivers earlier

CADILLAC — With the short ice fishing season, anglers are getting antsy to cast their lines.

Pilgrim’s Village Resort in Cadillac said there was only about three weeks of good ice to fish on this season. And with the warmer days, people are gearing up to hit the rivers in search of steelhead.

They said it’s typical this time of year for people to start thinking about switching gears and head to the rivers, but with poor ice conditions this year, people are jumping on the bandwagon pretty quick.


“People fish steelhead all winter long. But you know, usually this about the time winter when people are starting to get tired of winter anyway. So it’s something that people start to look forward to, that kind of winter steelhead run. This is probably been the slowest winter in my memory of being here my whole life<’ Pilgrim’s Village Resort owner Christopher Knaisel said.

Knaisel said Thursday morning was pretty busy with everyone buying their gear to go steelhead fishing.

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