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Study shows that mental health can be negatively impacted by the holidays

The holidays are here and this time is supposed to be filled with fun and enjoyment for families. And while that is true for the most part, holidays can also be hard on families’ and peoples’ mental health.

A 2021 study posted by the National Alliance on Mental Health said that 3 in 5 Americans feel their mental health is negatively impacted by the holidays. Reasons for this can range from the stress of buying gifts to bad family dynamics.

Karen Staub, an advocate for creating healthy communities, wanted to remind people to show a little grace to one another.


“Giving others a little bit of grace and kind of helps to bring the temperature down sometimes. Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, and I think that thought in mind for all of us. It makes us try to live up to some expectations. Sometimes that can be super, super stressful,” Staub said.

988 is a 24-hour hotline you can all if you are needing help over the holidays.

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