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Veterans Resource Station

Major project near completion at Cadillac Veterans Park

Veterans Resource Station

A large capacity picnic pavilion, along with a restroom building are in the final stages of construction at the Vets Serving Vets Park in Cadillac.

The park has been a work in progress since its inception and now a major project is about three weeks away from being functional, but not quite complete. The roof trusses were put on last week and now they can build the roof and pour concrete.

Of course, you can’t have a picnic pavilion without tables.


That’s another project in itself with volunteers building 105 of those. Each one of them honoring a local veteran.

“Those picnic table boards have center memorial board with a veteran’s name on it. On either side of that, we’ve got the Veterans Serving Veterans and Home Depot logos. Home Depot donated $20,000 in materials to build all those,” said Roger Bandeen, Director of Veterans Serving Veterans, Inc.

They hope to have all of the tables finished within the next three months. The new bathroom building should be completed by the end of August.

Vets Serving Vets is still about $20,000 short of the fundraising goal for these projects. One way you can help is by taking your cans and bottles to the park.

You can donate money on the Vets Serving Vets website by clicking here.

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