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A Memorable Trip Back to Mackinac Island, Years in the Making

It was two years ago when Elizabeth and Jake Landuyt said “I do” on Mackinac Island.

“Could not have asked for a better wedding day,” said Jake.

It was always Elizabeth’s dream to get married at St. Anne’s Catholic Church.


“Elizabeth’s dad, Darby, was giving his toast and was interrupted very quickly with shouts of ‘fire, fire,’” he said.

A wedding day planned out by the minute, now not following much plan at all.

The whole reception quickly evacuated the Mackinac Island Yacht Club.

“At that point, I assumed the reception was over,” Jake explained.


Realizing no one was hurt in the fire next door, the couple started walking back toward the church.

“Without much conversation, we just looked at each other and we were drawn in,” Elizabeth said.

Little did the newlyweds know, their guests, strangers, and entire island literally picked up the party and walked it down the street to Mission Point Resort.

“I’ll never forget walking in to see all our friends and family, ready to celebrate,” she said.


Elizabeth and Jake are back at Mission Point but this time they have reservations, and their party of two is a party of three.

Their son Owen is four months old, along for the couple’s second anniversary trip.

“We’re just so blessed to be back here in our favorite place and to bring our newest family member here means the world to us, so we’re very excited to share this with him,” Elizabeth said.

The first steps off the ferry look a little different now.


“We have a lot more luggage, a lot more luggage,” they laughed.

And the big, long agenda has turned into really no agenda.

“With Owen, it’s much more around his schedule,” Jake said.

One thing for sure would be a stop at St. Anne’s where it all started.

“We did our first dance when we thought we weren’t having a reception right here, and the lighting is the exact same,” Elizabeth said. “During part of our ceremony, our priest had us go honor Mary with a bouquet of flowers to start a family, and that’s why it’s so special to bring Owen here.”

A prayer for their child, answered.

Now a tradition with their child, started.

“We’ll be back for church, every visit,” said Elizabeth as they family walked out of the church.

The rest of the weekend would be all about slowing down.

“We appreciate the little things a lot more because even with a couple of minutes here and there, it goes a long way now,” Jake said.

Visiting Mackinac Island for almost a decade as a duo, and Elizabeth visiting since she was a kid, they’re back again enjoying all the same places, with some new faces.

“We can do the same things now that we could do then and how it really is the same place it’s been for a long time,” Jake said.

“We hope he remembers a lot of summers here running around on this lawn, exploring the fort, and when he’s a little bit bigger to take him for bike rides around the island, and doing lots of ice cream and fudge,” they both said with a smile.

Their goal is to spend as many anniversaries as they can here on Mackinac Island.

So far, they’re two for two.

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