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Petting Zoo Goats and Sheep Retire In Style at John Ball Zoo

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You might not expect animals to get a retirement party, but that’s exactly what John Ball Zoo gave some of their animals on Friday.

Eight goats and one sheep are ending their time as part of the petting zoo exhibit. The zoo says they’ve reached retirement age, the oldest being 16 years old.

Zoo staff and volunteers got to wish the animals well and give them treats during their retirement party on Friday. They say the goats and sheep will spend their remaining years on a farm getting great care.


“These animals have been amazing ambassadors for the Zoo and the care we provide every species,” said Nick Milbratz, education coordinator at John Ball Zoo. “The touch component they allow helps inspire future generations to care for animals and have a personal connection with them. We are so thankful to have cared for these goats and sheep at John Ball Zoo, and we know they will be happy, safe and well cared for during their retirement.”

John Ball Zoo says they’re working with farms and other zoos to bring in new goats and sheep for the petting zoo when it reopens for the season on Mar. 24.

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