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Hook & Hunting: Michigan’s Short Sturgeon Season Is Approaching

Michigan anglers are just three weeks away from one of the most unique fishing seasons in the country. Sturgeon season on Black Lake in Cheboygan County opens on Feb. 4.

It may end that day since the full quota for all fishermen is six. Not six per person, but six total. You must also register online ahead of time in order to take part.

It is the most closely watched season in the state and may be cut short on the first day if just five fish are pulled out.

“If we get the five fish at the end of the first fishing day, we’re not going to send a bunch of people out on the lake for one fish,” said Tim Cwalinski, DNR Fisheries Unit Supervisor in Gaylord. “We have to have people out on the ice from the DNR to manage that quota. We don’t want to go over that quota so we have a lot of safeguards put in place to keep it at the quota or below it.”

Sometimes the quota is hit on the first day, sometimes it takes several days. Cwalinski said it all depends on the quality of conditions and how much the fish are moving.

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