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Hook & Hunting: Applications Now Open for DNR Fisheries Habitat Grant

The DNR Fisheries division is offering a new Fisheries Habitat Grant.

The grant program has about $1.6 million available for funding.

One of the many objectives is to improve the state’s aquatic ecosystems for better fishing and to provide better recreation on lakes and streams. It also looks to improve safety through the removal of dams and aging infrastructure that are no longer in use.

Some of the organizations that are eligible for the grant include conservation and non-profits, as well as other recognized agencies including county parks.

“We have a $4.6 billion fishing industry here in the state of Michigan, and it helps to improve both fishing, but also the tourism and all the add on benefits that the fishing provides,” Joe Nohner, Resource Analyst for the DNR, said. “We definitely expect to see additional funding in the future. This is an annual source of funding. So every year we advertise between 1.6 to $1.8 million in funding.”

Eligible organizations are encouraged to apply by Nov. 18.

You can get more information about applying by clicking .

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